5 Theme of Geography


Absolute Location - Around 59º North and 18º East

Relative Location - Sweden is next to Norway and touches top of Finland. Is surrounded by water in three sides.


Human characteristics -
In this sate they do a lot of cars, they do a lot of kinds. One Kind is the Koenigsegg CC, this is a a car made by Koenigsegg, It was used since 1999, the era of the McLaren. The world's fastest production car until 2005.

Physical characteristics -
Scandinavian Mts. They are mountains on Sweden, and they are also on Norway. They are really old, and are in the western part of the Scandinavia’s peninsula.


Movement of people -
There are 5 airlines for people to choose, they are: Scandinavian Airlines, Finnair, Icelandair, Delta Airlines, and American Airlines. They use boats too, because most Sweden is surrounded by water and has many lakes, so is really common for people to travel by boats. Also is really good to travel on car because the streets are nice, there are rare traffic jams, and has easy to read signs. Also the Sweden’s modern railroad takes people almost anywhere. Is easy to travel on train from Scandinavian countries. These types of transportation helps people in Sweden to travel were ever they want.

Movement of goods -
Sweden exports cars, engineering products, steel, electronic devices, communication equipment and paper products. This helps people in Sweden to trade stuff and sell stuff.

Movement of ideas -
Newspaper, E-mail, card, postcard, online paper, there are a lot of ways for information to travel. This helps people at Sweden to send information about Sweden and other places, or just send greetings.

Human Environment Interaction

Environment affects humans - On the last Ice Age, a lot of Sweden was covered with ice. When the ice melted (6,000 BC) it left in its wake a jagged coastline with many islands, and innumerable lakes, rivers and steams.  That made new places to visit.

Humans affects environment -
  In Sweden people use a lot cars or vehicles, which can go to air pollution. It had not arrive to air pollution, but it might.


Regions -
The regions that Sweden is part of are: The North and the Midnight Sun, The Lake and Folklore District, Stockholm and Surrounds, Gothenburg and the West, The Crystal Kingdom and Islands in the Sun, and at last The Castle Country and the South. This country is part of 6 regions.